How to Choose the Best Wine for a Wedding

The wedding reception is as important as the wedding itself. You need to plan out various things for a wedding reception just like you would plan out for a wedding ceremony. Choosing the wine for your wedding reception is truly based on your taste and budget.  Weddings are a place where people gather around to celebrate the joyous event where two people decide to become one and decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

Best Wine for a Wedding

So if you have met your other half and are planning to get wed soon and are wondering how to choose the wine for your wedding, then this article will help you with just that. The following are some of the tips you can use to use to choose the perfect wine for your wedding.

  • Do not think seasonally.
  • Match your wine selection with your menu.
  • Pick out a variety.
  • Wines must be served cold.
  • Make sure that guests get what they want.
  • Bulk wine orders.

Do not think seasonally:

There are wines for every season. The winter and fall are mostly associated with red wine while the summer is celebrated with white wine. But in your wedding try not to match it with the season your wedding is kept. Even if your wedding is in the winter do not hesitate to serve white wine if you happen to get white wine more easily or if you happen to get white wine for a much lower price. Make sure that your continence and the taste of the wine is more important than the season of the wine.

 Match your wine selection with your menu:

As we had discussed earlier, do not match the wine with the season but with the food of your reception. Wine is one of the best things you drink when you eat, so make sure that your menu matches with the type of wine you buy for the wedding party. It will be weird, and your guests will not like it if you order wine which does not match with the menu of the reception.

Pick out a variety:

Always have an additional option. If in case the wine is not liked by someone, then you can serve that guest with some alternative wine. By this way, you need not worry about what your guests will like and worry about serving the wine which they do not prefer. If you get a variety of wine, then your guests can choose from whatever they want.

Wines must be served cold:

No matter where you are located, the wine served at your wedding must be served cold. Even if you happen to be in the coldest country and it may be during the winter, but still make sure that your wine is being served cold to your guests. The white wine and sparkling wines can be served with ice cubes as wines can easily warm up. Thus, while buying the drinks, make sure that you also get enough ice to fill up the drinks.

Post Author: Terrance Richards