How to enjoy champagne pouring nowadays

Champagne (sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France) is fashionable when you shake it at any time . If you are one step behind catching wine, try champagne from now on. ‘Champagne Man’ Hwang Eun Gun (PR company, photo) has published ‘250,000,000’, a book that contains everything about champagne. The title is based on a study of 250 million bubbles generated from a bottle of 750 ml champagne.”From normal red wine to white wine to get used to knowing champagne, and then return to the best red wine,” “pork shrimp, dip in a mouth and drink a glass of champagne” I threw five questions about champagne to Mr. Hwang who delicately introduced sake champagne.

1. What is the charm of champagne?
Champagne is special. It is also very difficult to make and does not produce much. It is more attractive because it is likely to become chilly because of the splendor. Drinking is a feeling that gives me a reward for some reason.

2. What are the basic principles to properly enjoy champagne?
Avoid cigarettes or irritating foods (vinegar, spicy sauce paralyzes the tongue) and accompany cheese, potatoes or sashimi. Among the Korean food, there are very few tteokbok or bibimbap of fresh roe, fish sauce or soy sauce. Next is the temperature. If it is too cold, it is not enough to bubble and it is hard to feel the delicate flavor. I do not taste the taste of lukewarm water. 8 degrees is appropriate. It is better to drink champagne bottles in an ice bucket and keep it at a temperature.

3. Do I have to empty my bottle?
Drink 7 cups at 750 ml. The taste changes when you leave it. Champagne is 13.5 degrees, more sensible than beer. Do not drink big cocksucker but do not drink it. Despite being a sensible drink, it is easy to drink because it feels soft. So it is perfect when women want to take it. The shape of the bottle is also beautiful and you can go for a drink immediately.

4. How do you drink champagne? ‘Do not drink like this,’ ‘I’m in a hurry,’ or do you have any such hints?
Be sure to drink in a glass of champagne. Drinking champagne in a wine glass is tasteless. And be sure to catch the neck of the cup. Do not grab the face of the cup. The temperature rises. Do not do one shot. Do not drink for a long time. Take it. Do not shake the bottle. Bubbles are pouring out against champagne. Except when it comes to celebrating victory in a car or a yacht race.

5. When you order a champagne with a menu of dozens of names, what would you consider to be ‘chilled’?
Cool With you want to show ‘Moët Rosé’ If you look gotta chic ‘nikkolra Puig art’, a special day, you want a special becomes “vintage kwibe Palme D’nikkolra Puig art ‘ birthday’ Dom Perignon 95 Year Old ‘, the’ Crystal the best day of life ‘, If you want to capture a woman’ Bole Lang ‘.

Post Author: Terrance Richards