How to Stock the Bar at Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the most awaited occasions for many people. The wedding is something which is celebrated in all cultures. It is the celebration which happens when two people start to spend the rest of their lives together. It is when one person decides to share his/her life with another person. When we hear the word celebration two things strikes us. One is having a good time, and the other thing is alcohols. There are no celebrations without drinks.  During a wedding party, one of the most important things in the event is the bar at the wedding. Many of your guests are going to hit the bar you put up and get relaxed as they celebrate your big day.

Stock the Bar at Your Wedding

If you have tiny idea about setting up a bar at your wedding then you can follow the below ideas to set your bar at your wedding:

  • Do not make your guests wait for a long time.
  • Always make sure that you have enough at the bar.
  • Prepare drinks for your guest.
  • Always know how much you are going give away at the bar.

Do not make your guests wait for a long time:

No one likes waiting for a long time. Guests are someone who has acknowledged your invitation and made an effort to be at your wedding party so make sure that they do not have to wait for a long time to get their drinks. Your guests might get irritated if you make them wait for a longer time. So it is always good if you have enough counters so that your guests can go to different counters and get their drinks.

Always make sure that you have enough at the bar:

It is never good if you do not have enough drinks left for your guests. Never in any situation make that happen. Always make sure that all your guests are provided with whatever they want and never, in any case, make them feel like they did not get what they were looking. Calculate the amount of guest you have invited for the wedding and calculate the number of people who have responded to the invitation and considered to stock your bar accordingly. There is no wrong in having extra but make sure that in any case there is not much drink left out for your guests.

Prepare drinks for your guests:

Have a bartender who will heed to the requests of your guests and can mix drinks quite fast. If you have a good bar tender, then your guest need not wait for a longer time.

Always know how much you are going give away at the bar:

Keep a rough count of all the guest you have invited and make sure that you roughly have a count on how much each guest will drink at the bar. Having a rough count will make you aware of how much alcohol you need and also the other necessary additions to it.

Post Author: Terrance Richards