Some of the Best Beers in the World

Fancy a beer? Perhaps you’re someone that only enjoys one every now and then. What most people don’t know, however, is that in many different countries, especially in America, the beer forms a part of the culture and is taken very seriously by some all around the world.

If you compare beer to wine, some people might get offended. The Italian per say, might not be in tune with the whole beer and wine comparison. You might even be thinking how can you compare the two? Well, we’re not completely crazy and we’re not talking about the taste or how it’s made either.

We’re talking about, it’s popularity and the fact that beer means to some what wine means to others. While wine is considered one of the top drinks in Europe, perfectly paired with the finest cuisine, some countries feel the same way about beer and take the craftsmanship and artisanal aspects of each beer very seriously.

Convinced yet? Well, try these before you decide.

The Best of the Best

Pliny the Elder

Considered to be the craftsmanship of legend, this beer takes the cake when compared to any other beer in the United States. With a name from an ancient Roman, this beer is perfectly brewed by the Russian River brewery in Santa Rosa and its supply is kept tight to ensure freshness. If you’re ever able to get your hands on it though, you’re in for a lot more than a treat.


Bell’s Hopslam Ale Michigan

Well, it’s no doubt that America is on the beer wagon of creating some of the best beers in the world. With a lot of precision and time spent making the aromatic double IPA, along with six uniquely selected north-western hop varieties added to the mix, with a slightly bitter and flowery finish to the beer, this is considered to be another stunner for sure.

Brew Free or Die IPA

Want a taste of serious attitude? Well, look no further. According to the creators, this beer’s aromatic blend is considered to be golden. Along with six different hops in the mix, what you receive is a perfectly balanced beer.

Deschutes The Abyss

Sounds pretty dark and bad… well, while that is the case of its colour, it’s so damn good. With liquorice, vanilla, cherry and rich molasses, just reading about it should make you excited. Made by the Deschutes brewery, it is considered one serious beer and is perfectly aged in an oak barrel that ensures all of its matured bourbon flavours.


As a pub favourite, this beer is considered somewhat soothing to the soul and contains a creamy, rich taste along with a bitter finish. It has become a staple in most pubs all around the U.S. and especially the pubs that are most respected.

Left Hand Milk Stout

While supple and dark, this stout is one mouth full. It has a sweet finish and can somewhat be described as the dipping of Oreos and milk combined… We don’t know about you but that’s a pretty good comparison.

Post Author: Terrance Richards