The Best-selling Champagne Brands on Earth

Time to celebrate? Well, we best pop open a big old cold one! Even if we’re not celebrating, we can always pretend, right?

Referred to as a sparkling wine and most often stored next to white wines, Champagne is considered the king of celebratory events and moments throughout our lives. Whether it be during an engagement, at a wedding, at a party, at the celebration party of a new baby or even a promotion, champagne joins us on our journey to success and beautiful moments. For some, it is even a symbol of getting ahead and happy in life.

It is also considered a very entertaining and festive drink that gives you, well just that extra touch of fancy.

Although some Champagne brands have ultimately died out, there are those who have prevailed throughout the years and are considered to sell more bottles of Champagne than some of the top wine brands, globally.

Champagne – The Best Brands on the Globe

MOËT & Chandon

Selling an incredible 30 million bottles annually, guess who wins the prize of number one? While becoming the unofficial flagship wine of LVMH, this exquisite brand of champagne is a must try. That is if you haven’t tried it yet, because, with 30 million of bottles sold everywhere, chances are you might have given it a taste. As a larger reserved wine with lower dosage levels compared to others, as well as a new cellar master, Benoit Gouez, the quality of this sparkling wondrous wine continues to get better with each bottle and it’s not because you’re drunk.


Veuve Clicquot

Dominating in the Champagne world, along with the brands’ other best-seller, Brut Champagne, making it to number two in the world, we have yet another winner. This yellow-labelled Champagne bottle makes up to 19 million bottles annually. It is comprised out of 50% Pinot Noir, 3.0% Chardonnay, as well as 20% Pinot Menier. Well, we guess the secret is dropping the dosage levels, cause that’s exactly what they did, along with Moët $ Chandon to reach the top.


Selling out as one of the top brands when it comes to champagne, this brand is a Pernod Richard product, along with LMVH, and is yet another brand to lower their dosage levels. While the brand focuses on quality, which is exactly what any good Champagne should exude, G.H. MUMM makes us feel… Pretty amazing.

Laurent Perrier

As a 50% Chardonnay-dominant Champagne, this beautifully bottled sparkling wine ages for 43 months before it gets sold. This means that, much like a fine wine, ageing is key. Ageing for longer periods than other Champagnes has definitely allowed for the upper-hand with this one. It is the mere reason why you get to taste and experience a toasty flavour, whether it be during a celebration, or on your own.

Heck, celebrate yourself with this one. Cheers!

Post Author: Terrance Richards