The Difference between Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Many of us love drinking champagne and sparkling wine, and we always wonder if Sparkling wine and champagne are the same things. It can be quite confusing as not all sparkling wines are champagne, but all champagnes are sparkling wines. The sparkling wine which comes from the region of France must be called as champagne. Champagne the wine is named after the area in France where the grapes which are used for the winemaking is cultivated. The grapes are grown, cultivated, fermented and then bottled to be named as Champagne. So Champagne is something which is very dear to France, and thus all sparkling wines are not champagnes, but all champagne is sparkling wines.

Sparkling Wine and Champagne

In this article you will be reading about some of the facts about sparkling wine and champagne and the difference between them:

  • Types of Sparkling wine.
  • Origins.
  • Champagne vs. Sparkling wine Prices.

Types of Sparkling wine:

Champagnes are quite costly, and producers from all over the world wanted to make their version of Champagne. But nothing can be called as Champagne. Champagnes are unique to France, and the wine that is made in France is only called as Champagnes.

In Spain, the wine has smaller bubbles, and it has the perfect balance of freshness and creaminess. The wines which are made in Italy have larger bubbles which are better suited for cocktails and gives more importance to the fruit used to make the wine; the wines made in Italy are called as prosecco. Sparkling wines are also produced in Germany and Austria, but they are called as Sekt. Many other countries like Tasmania, Argentina, and the USA also make excellent sparkling wine, but none can be called as Champagne.

Origin of Champagne:

The story of the entire champagne started out with a monk named Dom Perignon who lived in between the years 1638 to 1715. It is said that Dom had made the sparkling wine, but in reality, it is said to be discovered by many other monks who were in the Champagne region. The wines would be kept in the bottle and stored for fermentation, but due to the cold region, these wine bottles would not get fully fermented. During the spring when the temperature raises, the fermentation process again begins, and the carbon dioxide in the bottle has nowhere to escape, and this pressurizes the cork of the wine bottle, and the cork pops up. Today sparkling wines are made in a controlled manner and are properly administered.

Champagne vs. Sparkling wine Prices:

Champagnes are unique as it is made from the region named champagne and thus it is costly. The sparkling wines are more like an imitation of the champagne so they do not cost as much as champagne would cost. The grape quality and the process of how the wine is made are all considered when the prices of the wins are being decided. You need to understand what wine you need. If it is on the quality and care, then prefer champagne.

Post Author: Terrance Richards