What Kind of Champagne to Buy for a Wedding?

The wedding is something which is celebrated in all cultures. It is the celebration which happens when two people start to spend the rest of their lives together. It is when one person decides to share his/her life with another person. On this joyous occasion, Champagne is a symbol of celebration, and during every wedding, Champagne is an important part of the occasion. But with all the other expenses you may have to face during a wedding, spending on Champagne can be another burden. You need to make sure that you get good champagne which all your guests will enjoy and at the same time, you will have to consider the prices. Depending on the event in the wedding you can buy your champagne. For example, you can get an expensive wine just for you two. Or if you want to have a low alcohol champagne then you can consider buying Prosecco.

Champagne to Buy for a Wedding

The following some of the champagnes which you can consider using at each event in your wedding party.

  • On Budget Champagnes.
  • Champagne cocktail.
  • Champagne for the cake.
  • Just for the both of you.
  • Low alcohol Champagnes.

On Budget Champagnes:

The Waitrose Brut NV is an excellent budget champagne. It is about 19 Euros a pop. You can also choose Cremant which is similar to champagne but with lesser frizz. The Cave de Lugny Cremant is a great option to be served at a wedding. You can also look out for champagnes which are on promotions and have discounts.  You must also make sure that your guests will be ok with a lower budget champagne.

Champagne cocktail:

There are many experiments you can try out with champagnes. But before you set up a cocktail in your wedding party, make sure that you have tried out the combinations. If you want to limit your budget, then you can get the Graham Beck sparkling wine which is about 13 Euros and is made out of the grapes which are grown in South Africa, and these grapes are used to make many varieties of Champagne.

Champagne for the cake:

Cutting the cake at a wedding is a long tradition and is something which is given attention in a wedding. But cakes do not go well with champagne in general so that you can choose the champagne with fewer frizzes. Make sure that you choose something which is soft and fruity. Some of the sparkling wine will go best with the cakes.

Just for the both of you:

Since both of you are the most important people in the wedding, you can consider having an expensive champagne for yourself. While giving a toast or just to have a drink with your other half, make sure that you enjoy every moment of the wedding. You can choose Bollinger and Pol Roger, both these champagnes have a rich flavor.

Low alcohol Champagnes:

If you prefer to have little alcohol champagnes, then you can choose to serve white wine spritzers and Prosecco.

Post Author: Terrance Richards